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29 Nov 2016


The Chinese dragon dance is a traditional dance with chinese dragon costume practiced by the Chinese population every year. The Chinese Dragon Dance is done after the Chinese New Year parade. The Dragon Dance is the best part of festivities. It starts from the beginning of the new year and continues for the next fifteen days. The Dance Parade is a very important part of the Chinese culture and signifies wisdom, power and wealth. It is believed that the Dance Parade helps scare off evil spirits and bad luck and helps usher in good luck for the new year.   7rsiqw15ynhbc2b2h7z

The Chinese Dragon Costume is the clothing worn for the Chinese dragon dance. It can be chosen from a variety of colors.The costume usually as a head and a main body. The main body comes in 5 different colors. Each color has a meaning to it. Green represents great harvest, yellow for empire, red for enthusiasm and good affluence and silver or gold for wealth. Everyone wears the color of their choice according to what they have in mind and also wish for. The costume also come in different length and sizes. The length of a dragon might be as long as 100m and so will the costume be. It is believed that your luck is proportional to the length of your dragon.

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