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29 Nov 2016

How to play Chinese dragon dance

Play Chinese Dragon dance can be especially difficult for novices. Fortunately, the internet is filled with information about the dragon Dance. You can take advantage of the information to perfect your skills if you have a special interest in this. Do you wan to breathe fire and then fly through the skies? Well, if that is the case then you can read on. This article has outlined simple but helpful tips on how to play Chinese dragon dance. These tips are helpful for experienced persons as well as beginners. Who does like to become a dragon and breathe fire? When you hear the word Dragon nothing else comes into your mind other than fire. There are very few people out there who associate dragons to dancing. This does not mean that they cannot dance. The people of China understand that Dragons have mastered the art of dancing. In the culture of the Chinese people, dragons are considered as symbols of various concepts. They can be heavenly guardians as well as water spirits. In order to show the importance of the Chinese culture, the people of this nation decided to invent a dance that is commonly performed in public places. The dance involves the manipulation with the use of poles. The poles tend to be positioned on the length of the figure in question.
Participants take part in a dragon dance for the Chinese lunar new year parade through the streets of Hong Kong on February 10, 2013.  Chinese lunar new year, celebrated by Chinese communities the world over, falls on February 10 with the beginning of the new moon.   AFP PHOTO / Antony DICKSONANTONY DICKSON/AFP/Getty Images
Participants take part in a dragon dance for the Chinese lunar new year parade through the streets of Hong Kong on February 10, 2013. Chinese lunar new year, celebrated by Chinese communities the world over, falls on February 10 with the beginning of the new moon. AFP PHOTO / Antony DICKSONANTONY DICKSON/AFP/Getty Images
The dance can be undertaken by different dancers. They dragons can be made into a number of different sizes. Dragons used in large ceremonies can be 200 feet or even longer. You have to master how to use the poles in order to manipulate the different pieces of the body. At the start, it will not be easy on your part but with time you will realize that it is as easy as strolling in the park with your friends over the weekend.
29 Nov 2016

How do you choose the best types of Chinese dragon costumes?

Many people often have a problem when buying the best types of Chinese dragon costumes in the market especially when looking for excellent deals. However, with information, you will learn on the best Chinese dragon costumes to buy if you would wish to get amazing costumes. Here is a guide: The design of Chinese dragon costumes is a factor that you must consider when planning to obtain a good deal. Customers will always enable you get excellent deals during your choice especially when you need stylish and classic. You should know the available dragon dance costumes thus helping you acquire excellent options. The size of Chinese dragon costumes should be another factor that can help you get these products during your purchase. The market often have different kinds of sizes that you can buy depending on your taste and preference. You will ultimately enjoy a good deal that will help you redefine your style. Always buy the right size for you during your purchase. dragon dance costume

The material should help you choose the best types. Whether you need synthetic and elastic ones, you will be able to get a good deal of Chinese dragon costumes if you want to buy one. You will never have to worry especially when you are looking for these excellent dragon dance costumes options.

The types of art that makes the Chinese dragon costumes must be a consideration when buying one. You should know how unique is the art whenever you want to buy it. You will be satisfied of the deals that you would need whenever you want to get these costumes from the market. In addition, ask experts especially stylish when buying dragon dance costumes.

In conclusion, the above are some of the tips that would help you choose the best Chinese dragon costumes during your purchase.

29 Nov 2016

Chinese Dragon Costumes Bring Beauty and Tradition To Any Event

The Chinese dragon costumes have long been believed to bring good luck to the people. It is often used at Chinese New Year and has become quite popular among populations around the world. The history of the Chinese dragon costume is quite extensive and the traditional dragon dance has been a staple of Chinese history for hundreds of years. The Chinese dragon costume is made up of many poles that the dancers use to guide and control it. They were originally constructed with wood and bamboo, but more recent dragons are created with aluminum and plastics because they are lighter and easier to carry. They vary in length and longer they are, the more difficult they are to operate and hold. The length of the dance is significant in how much luck it will bring the people, so making the dragons light enough to carry for long periods of time is quite important. 5580947694a14d218f47ec2f

The colors and design that go into Chinese dragon costumes make them very beautiful. The dragon is seen as a powerful symbol to the Chinese people and the tradition is very dear to their hearts. An abundance of effort goes into creating these workable pieces of art. They are crafted in a variety of colors, and the care that goes into making them is evident. Chinese dragon costumes take a lot of skill and teamwork to create the sinuous dance, but it is absolutely beautiful to watch.

A Chinese dragon costume is a great way to celebrate Chinese New Year or to show off your skills in a parade. Find the costume that brings out the dancer in you. With the right Chinese dragon costume, your team of dancers will astound and impress your audience. Take one of these wonderful works of art and create some traditional beauty of your own.

29 Nov 2016


The Chinese dragon dance is a traditional dance with chinese dragon costume practiced by the Chinese population every year. The Chinese Dragon Dance is done after the Chinese New Year parade. The Dragon Dance is the best part of festivities. It starts from the beginning of the new year and continues for the next fifteen days. The Dance Parade is a very important part of the Chinese culture and signifies wisdom, power and wealth. It is believed that the Dance Parade helps scare off evil spirits and bad luck and helps usher in good luck for the new year.   7rsiqw15ynhbc2b2h7z

The Chinese Dragon Costume is the clothing worn for the Chinese dragon dance. It can be chosen from a variety of colors.The costume usually as a head and a main body. The main body comes in 5 different colors. Each color has a meaning to it. Green represents great harvest, yellow for empire, red for enthusiasm and good affluence and silver or gold for wealth. Everyone wears the color of their choice according to what they have in mind and also wish for. The costume also come in different length and sizes. The length of a dragon might be as long as 100m and so will the costume be. It is believed that your luck is proportional to the length of your dragon.

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