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Chinese Dragon Costume

A look at the dragon dance as a symbol for the chinese culture

What is the dragon dance? It is a Chinese cultural dance that has been indispensable to most Chinese festivals since the ancient times. With many of Chinese people living in different parts of the world, the dragon dance has been taken to every corner of the world as a celebration of the Chinese traditions. The origin of the dragon dance can be traced back to the Han Dynasty between 206 BC to around 220 AD. The dance was used for worshiping their ancestors and praying for the rains ceremony which with time developed into an entertainment activity.

The Chinese dragon costume is used for the dragon dance and is made from different materials like paper, cloth, grass and bamboo. The body of the dragon also used for the dance is placed in a king temple for the dragon and taken out only on the day of the dance. It is accompanied by people holding cultural banners, flags, blowing trumpets and pounding drums.

During the dance the leading person holds a rod with a big ball at the top. The ball is moved from side to side, up and down while the dragon follows the ball. As the dragons body keeps moving in waves it appears to be dancing.

Southern Dragon Dance

The body of the Southern Dragon the more finely designed, and it’s heavier than northern mythical dragon’. The southern style stresses force and quality, so it doesn’t have coordinated developments, however, has a grand appearance. Sizes: Usually ten individuals are expected to convey a moving 9-meter southern mythical beast. Since the southern mythical serpent move does not concentrate on adaptable developments, the winged dragon made 20 meters in length, 100 meters, or even 1,000 meters in length. The range makes the span of the mythical beast head. Generation: The southern mythical serpent expectedly made of bamboo and paper, and the body’s skin made of fabric with winged serpent scales drawn on it. To spare time, individuals in some cases outline the enriching example of the monster by a PC and machine-deliver it. The standard moves of a southern winged serpent move are orbiting, making “S” shapes, and lifting the mythical beast’s head over the monster’s body.

Northern Dragon Dance

The body and front of a northern dragon are not as much as that of a southern winged dragon and are made of paper or plant filaments, which make it impressively lighter. Northern mythical dragon moves are regularly in a dull domain, so northern winged serpents typically made with fluorescent materials. Its shape is intended to address the issues of adaptable walking steps, for example, rolling the make a beeline for the left and right. Not the same as the southern winged dragon, which concentrates on quality, the North Dragon underlines more on adaptability in its moving moves. The northern style is more like lion moves. At present, the North dragon is more famous worldwide. Competitions and performances often held in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.